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Magic Heading to America’s Call Center

bhartiNot two minutes had passed after posting that Portugal was infected with Android Fever, did I read from HTC that the HTC Magic is now heading to India via Bharti. If it wasn’t official before, I would say, with unbridled conviction, it is now: Android Fever is something to which a shot of penicillin cannot cure. It’s here, and it’s clear; domination is inevitable and resistance is futile. I will say, that the Magic has taken a much bigger grip on the world than I would ever have expected it to.

Key points from the HTC Press Release:

  • The Android ™ platform opens up an unique opportunity to Airtel customers to customize their device with multiple mobile applications

  • Airtel customers can avail many utility based applications such as Portfolio Manager, Hello Tune Manager, Weather Channel, Mobshare, In-mobile search and City Search
  • HTC Magic offers cutting edge innovation with 3G capabilities, 3.2-inch HVGA touch screen, and 3.2 mega-pixel camera for an unmatched personalised mobile Web experience
  • Airtel customers to get free data download of 100 MB per month for 6 months
  • HTC Magic available at Airtel Relationship Centres and authorised HTC resellers across 17 cities

I was unable to find a release date for this one as well, so if anyone wants a Phandroid “thanks!”, feel free to give us a shout.

[Press Release]

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  • G-Man

    Eat that, Apple! Just imagine a billion android users. Android wins hands down. Power to open source.

  • Ivan

    The country’s name is India. Be careful with those jokes.

    (I’m not from there btw)

  • str4vag

    check out the announcement on HTC’s South East Asia page. HTC Magic made its way to Malaysia as well through Celcom (Carrier).

  • ls

    The country has a name. You ain’t sounding any cooler calling it a call center. Get your noob head out of your a** and look around, there ARE other countries except US of A.

  • Tyler Miller

    You guys, get over it. It was a joke; and a good one, at that.

  • Mustafa….

    Erm… well.

    Joke… but joke about your ass… then others.