Huawei U8230 Android Phone Officially Announced!

It has been a minute since we’ve heard about the Huawei Android Phone that was first seen in January and most recently thought to be launching as the T-Mobile G3 sometime in Q3. While the naming conventions and timing are uncertain, Huawei has officially launched the Huawei U8230 Android Phone at CommunicAsia:


That is a GREAT looking phone but unfortunately we still don’t know a ton about it (despite being official)! We can clearly see the 3.2 megapixel camera marked on the rear of the phone and we’re told the touchscreen is 3.5″ and the battery is 1500 mAh.

A quote from the press release:

The Android-powered U8230 smartphone allows users to switch between full and half QWERTY keyboards and to navigate programs easily via a 3.5-inch LCD touch screen. Huawei’s U8230 uses the Google Chrome Internet browser which supports a variety of Google applications such as Google Map, Google Search and Google Talk. It is also fitted with a battery which has a capacity of 1500 mAH – the longest battery capacity among Android-powered handsets currently available.

Interesting they refer to the browser as “Chrome” and I’ve seen mentions of Android’s browser being called “Chrome Lite” elsewhere but I don’t think Google themselves have made any such distinction thus far (correct me if I’m wrong).

Huawei also announced a Windows Mobile phone – the C8000 – but we don’t really care about that now do we? What WE care about is specs, release date, release locations, price… stay tuned!

I’ll venture a guess that – like the Samsung i7500 – the Huawei U8230 will get a more brandable name when it hits the carriers just as the Samsung got the Galaxy. Will it be G3? Could be… but look at what happened to the MyTouch 3G. And then MyTouch 3G and Hauwei G3 sound a bit too much alike. This is the least important of the missing pieces but playing the guessing game is fun nonetheless.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  • AndrewKam

    Yeah, I’ve never seen Google refer to the browser app as Chrome. It’s built on webkit and doesn’t really have much to do with Chrome unless they suddenly decided to rebrand it.

  • gwilz

    If I recall correctly, when the G1 was first announced at the NYC press conference, Sergy was asked a question with respect to Android and whether it featured the Chrome Browser. His response was that it was based on Chrome, and in fact he said it could be referred to as “Chrome Lite.”

  • Martin

    Nice that they’re launching it finally – although, honestly, I don’t really find it that interesting design-wise. I thought the original design had more to offer, with this blue lit margin. This just looks too, well, standard, I guess. But that might be a good thing. Keeps me from wasting my money on a new phone every two days :D
    Although I’m really enamored with the Hero…

  • Phil

    Why is it so hard to simply put a hardware keyboard on these things…

  • ryan

    @phil – because it would make the thing almost twice as thick.

    as far as this phone is concerned, the lack of information is maddening. at least the LCD screen is known, which means my decision to get the samsung galaxy is still valid.

  • iDavey

    I’d like to know what type of screen it is. Resolution. Memory built in. Is there a SD slot. Come on…give details and a ship date Wah-way!

  • Collin

    I really like this design, and even without a QWERTY seems like a winner, and a bigger screen (3.5) might make up for the lack of keyboard.
    I’ll keep my eye on this one

    Does anyone know about build quality in Huawei’s handsets?

  • Tre Arrow

    I’m probably very wrong about this, and I am not a lawyer nor a volunteer fireman, but it was my impression that the webkit (iphone/Safari-like) browser was the browser Google acquired when they bought Android. So, then later, Google built the Chrome browser from a mish-mash of programming languages and then was later working on porting Chrome to Android, which would, I guess, make it “Chrome Lite”. And I read that the new Nokia maemo phones (n900) have a light version of Firefox (why do we say “Lite” instead of “Light” when we refer to smaller versions of software? It makes it seem like diet Cool-Whip or something).

  • Aita

    Yea I really wish this had come with a hard keyboard however the size of the screen may well make up for that. Though I am a fan of the original G1 desing I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t a sexy looking phone. Also I prefer to have at least some face buttons and thnakfully android still requires 4(one of many reasons the iphone irks me). Oh well I’m a sucker for screen real estate, now just show me the 3G and wi-fi(not necessary butpretty please Huawei) and I’ll have to consider not getting the G1 in december(provided the on screen keyboard is big enough for my big hands).

  • chuksy

    Am not too bothered about it not having a qwerty keyboard.
    But am loving the 3.5″ screen,been waiting for a larger screen than the g1 has.However i’d rather the phone was from samsung.

  • fred

    What I don’t understand is why its so hard for them tu put an LED flash on these phones like the one blackberries have? Don’t get me wrong I love my G1 more than I ever liked my old pearl but that had an awsome camera and flash.

  • Gabriel A. Zorrilla

    It’s a GREAT looking device. Too bad i’m pretty sure it wont be released in second tier markets such as Argentina, so, i’d be really happy with the Galaxy, Samsung is the second largest brand here and i have hopes for it.

  • Ricky

    Wow it looks great! I don’t even care about it not having a keyboard.
    I’ve heard Google call it “Chrome Lite.” When they first announced the G1, one of the guys called it Chrome Lite but he used the ” ” signs.

  • Gibbo

    Is that a Camera on the front in the first pic? If so will Donut have Video calling?

  • blaidrider

    hey show me a 3.5 headphone jack and atleast 8GB of internal and I might be looking at my next phone. A flash for the camera would be awesome but I don’t really use my camera that much (well that might be because the G1’s camera is pretty much garbage even after the cupcake update.) Anyways I’m crossing my fingers for a good phone to come out soon!!

  • twrock

    Yes, this is getting very close to the form-factor that will make me very happy. I too will want to see some form of memory card and wifi before I’m convinced. But I am definitely not interested in a <3.5″ screen device. Make it 3.7″ and I’ll be even happier.

  • Charlie

    Why can’t they put a good camera on it like 5 megapixle or more

  • rmr

    2.5 mm headphonejack and micro sd slot supported

  • kris

    Is Huawei phones any good Im thinking about purchasing a m750 and I really need to know if it is good quality and is it worth purchasing because I can ony get one phone

  • Computers Shops Store

    I have U8230 and is agod phone

  • DBanjo

    I think this phone is good. I jsut wish it is 5 mega pixel and hard keyboard is light really and that is an advantage. Come to think of it, would you know if it can be configured to work with my work email(outlook)?
    i just got one as a gift a few days back.

  • Nathaniel

    I just bought this phone two days ago from Metro Pcs for $99 for a chrismas special and I will admit I was a little confused on how to work it but I have to say its a good phone

  • Alicia

    when i receive a picture message i cant save the picture how do i do it? is it even possible?