Google Improves Web Version of GMail for Android

I’m kind of curious why someone would use the web based version of Gmail – opening their browser on their mobile phone and going to – instead of using the Android Application assigned for Email? Putting that aside for now, with you comments appreciated at the bottom, Google has just announced improvements to web-based Gmail for Android and the iPhone.

The improvements include:

  • Underlying code overhauled enabling quicker launch of future improvements
  • Faster address auto-completion
  • Enabled keyboard shortcuts


For a full explanation of the improvements, visit the Official Google Mobile Blog. But right now… explain to us why you would visit Gmail on the web instead of using the Email application?

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  • Captain Obvious

    You can’t really use the email application to check your mail on someone else’s phone…

    If you’re out and about with a friend and they would like to check their email with your phone, they’re going to have to use the web site.

  • justjimjpc

    That definately doesn’t look like and android screen shot and wasn’t expecting ATT on GMAIL phone account …

  • DracheMitch

    It’s possible that on Android phones that do not have “with Google” the Gmail application will not be included.

  • Gnoxy


  • Loren W

    I think “DracheMitch” nailed this one. This will allow access to Google applications on Android phones which do not have the “Google Experience”:

  • Jason D

    prior to cupcake, you didn’t have checkboxes to help organize your email in the android App. On a few occasions I wanted to do some organizing and it was easier with the browser version.

    Just casually I’ve noticed that the labels are all blue and white in the app, but on the browser they are the correct colors.

    Also if you have more than one google account, this could come in handy.

    Plus, the obvious, you don’t have to wait for a sync with the browser version.

    I wish the app looked a lot more like the browser version, although the text is smaller, I think it looks nicer than the app.

  • Sorin

    Here are just a few reasons:
    – download attachments
    – view embeded pictures that often don’t show up (just a ? mark)
    – delete just one message in a conversation
    – edit the quoted text in a reply
    The default Gmail applications is not nearly as powerfull as it should or as other simillar applications on other platforms. (sorry, this is the truth)

  • Christopher Pilsworth

    I use the web version when I need to use search on the iphone. It can be difficult paging back through old emails using the client.

  • rf

    lowest common denominator, the browser?

  • Phil

    Can we PLEASE get the friggin “send as” feature in the friggin app???

  • Andrew

    Ding Ding Ding! Captain Obvious wins.

  • Kearns

    And, of course, you may have more than 1 gmail account. Personally I have at least 5 gmail accounts that I can think of.

  • CG2xRandy

    Because the gmail app doesn’t allow you to download .apk files that I’ve received via email.

  • whample

    I too think captain obvious has the answer there. Friends often use my phone to check their email and social networks.

    To the comment that mentioned multiple email accounts, why don’t you use the other included email app? I suppose it isn’t as functional, but I like getting notifications to my status bar so I have three additional email addresses running through it.

  • Mike


    totally agree, no SEND AS (using the ones from gmail account) makes the gmail client all but a waste of time form me.

    to be honest i find it a bit of a joke that it’s a google phone and gmail client is so poor compared to the web version. This should be their key app.

  • aranea

    I tried it and the keyboard shortcuts now work in the gmail app too.

    I tend to use the app but I agree with the above comments on its limitations. If the google is moving towards a more browser based future maybe an update on the browser to make it faster will solve most of the problems because right now gmaill app is much faster than the browser for me.

  • bummer

    I def like the downloading in the site. Was pissed I couldn’t do it before cupcake… cupcakes make me happy, especially with the sprinkles of goodness.
    This message was posted from googles ingeniously designed andistributer operating system that is the WAVE of the future.

  • CanyonR

    I use it when i need to copy from an email not just forward or reply the entire email.

  • Android User

    The Gmail app can only handle one e-mail account. Jonathan Matus, Android Product Marketing Manager, talks about how he has two Gmail accounts and no other mobile platform allows him to juggle this well. He then fails to mention that Android does not either
    At present using Gmail through the browser is the only solution for those of us with more than one Gmail account. I personally would decline on typing my password on someone else’s phone, but improving the Gmail web interface could only be a plus!

  • KR

    I’m an artisi and I constantly get emails of instrumentals and other mp3’s in which I can only preview the songs useing the email function. The browser actually allows me to down load the mp3!

  • pepperfish

    Mabye add new calendars, labels 4 emails. Oh here’s one even you should have thought of. Change a setting. Wow that was hard.

  • http://none Gabor

    Email threading/conversation “feature” at Gmail -sux ass.
    Just allow people to turn this feature off!!!


    P.s.: Check out the link bellow…

  • ShoeShine

    Besides what captain obvious said, the main reason (even on my own phone) would be because the feature “When receiving a message: Reply from the same address the message was sent to” does not work on the Android Gmail Application