Samsung Galaxy Gets Priced in Germany


Wondering how much you’ll have to fork over to secure the upcoming Android handset from Samsung? Our Android friends in Germany will be delighted to know that a PDF found on O2 Germany goes into depth about each of their offerings, including the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy:


If you can’t read German, (I think) it says that the phone has a 3.2 inch touchscreen, runs on Android OS, includes a 5.0 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED Flash, 8GB internal memory, 32GB external memory and integrates GPS with Google Maps.


  • Deposit (Anzahlung): $24.50 (17,50€)
  • Monthly payment over 24 months (Mtl. Zahlung uber 24 monate): $24.50 (17,50€)
  • Gesamtpreis Handy (total mobile): $613 (437,50€)

The back of this PDF, I’m not sure if it is supposed to be mailed out (note the address box in the lower left) or whether it is for in-store literature but the Samsung Galaxy gets a nice little full page presentation:


As best as I could get it to translate:

Web to your Samsung Galaxy
Individually and together stella surfing:
Now comes exactly on thr phone, what you really need. For you this means more and more Individualitat Surf Spa8 with the Samsung Galaxy.
This thing is certainly going to make a splash:
[Thanks Dash!]
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  1. gosh ive been waiting 4 news about the galaxy 4ever
    well is there any release date
    and will it be locked

  2. “individual assembly (i think they are alluding to personalization here as the direct translation seems to say that they are custom built and that is not the case) and lots [of] surfing

    now comes exactly what you want[ed] on your cell phone. for you that means more individuality and even for surf-fun with the samsung galaxy.”

    you got close with your translation, i thought i’d just fill in the holes. finaly putting all those german classes to work ;P lol

    your translation of the first pdf is spot on, but i could see if the price was for phone only (i assume) or if there would be a rebate/discount for signing a carrier contract. either way, very exciting. YAY more android phones! now if only the calgary would hurry up and drop ;P

  3. the first part of the translation is quite correct. the back says:

    “web as you wish
    samsung galaxy.
    combine individually and start surfing.
    now your cell gets what you really need. for you this means more individuality and more surfing-fun with the samsung galaxy”

    so … not very important marketing stuff…

    samsung has a page up containing some countdown and an xray picture of a phone… look closely and you might see a lot of similarity with the i7500!
    could mean the galaxy will arrive in a week… could mean nothing.


  4. oh… i forgot:
    – no provider lock from o2 (due to new o2o contract)
    – digital compass confirmed

  5. Is this confirmed for O2 in the UK yet? Looks like I’ll be leaving T-Mobile if so.

  6. That price is with the provider costs included? So without that it would be a lot cheaper?

  7. I. Can’t. Wait!

    Still hopeful of a release date for the U.K. soon, lots of talk of June but nothing specific.

  8. I still cant believe this hasn’t been confirmed for the UK yet, i’m guessing o2 will get it but its driving me crazy the lack of news we have had about this phone. Hurry up and release it!!!

  9. Where does it say digital compass?

  10. In a similar vein, though not revealing any price, there’s a French PDF.
    Not sure it tells us anything very new (maybe a couple of battery-life claims?), but since I haven’t seen it posted anywhere yet:

  11. In the link mwardm posted it reads “Boussole numérique” which translated from French to English means Digital Compass… which is a relief!

  12. Thank you for the news. Ive been waiting for any news on this phone. Anyone know what UK network this will be on? Hoping for o2. 18 Euros a month is a good deal, but do u get the free internet with that?

  13. I’m not sure, but “monthly installments” doesn’t look like a contract to me (in a sense that you will get any mobile services with that).

  14. I’m SICK!!! Sick of exclusivity deals!!! Why would Samsung want to sign one with O2 (in the UK)? They have the exclusive on the iPhone and that’s in direct competition with Android!

    I’m on T-mobile and don’t want to leave as I have half price for life. But there’s no way I’ll get the fugly G1. Was really hoping this would be out on all networks!

  15. And here is the quote from english pdf:

    “Thanks to O2 My Handy, not only O2 customers, but customers from other mobile telecommunications providers can finance their mobile phone completely independent of their mobile telecommunications contract. After an advance payment of € 17.50 for the Samsung Galaxy the remaining amount is paid in 24 monthly instalments of €17.50 at zero percent interest rate.”


  16. I just spoke to 02 and the guy was sure it was coming to O2 uk but said it would be at least another 6 weeks. The wait goes on.

  17. Jake: O2 Germany doesn’t sell phone/plan combinations any longer. So 18,- € is just the deferred payment (24 months) for the phone. You’re able to use this phone with a service provider of your choice.

    O2 Germany offers some kind of postpaid contract without a basic fee and minimum amount for phone and messaging. It offers a price cap for German landline and messaging, so if your usage exceeds 60,- € you don’t pay more for the month. Internet access is offered for 5,- € (30 MB), 10,- € (200 MB) and 25,- € (5 GB), with a three months minimum contract time and a three months cancellation period.

  18. I talked to someone who seemed like he knew what he was talking about in Carphone Warehouse today, and he reckons Orange will get the i7500 going by past experiences with it being on O2 Germany. He also said O2 most likely wouldn’t want something competing with themselves in terms of the iPhone 3GS and the fact that Orange are currently the only ones without a major touchscreen smartphone (Vodafone have the Magic, T-Mobile the G1 and O2 the iPhone)

  19. I asked in Carphone Warehouse yesterday (sunday 14th june). They said it was on their system, with spec. Just showed June release, but no exact date or network. Then i went in an Orange store, the guy in there didn’t even know what Android was! Lol. He did say though that they never find out what’s coming until the day before…

    I’d never seen the Magic in the flesh, so popped into a Vodafone store as well. Had a look at the dummy model. Couldn’t guage weight but liked the size of it in my hand, so looking forward to getting hold of the similarly sized Galaxy! :-)

  20. Ben: Orange has the exclusive on the Samsung i8910 HD, I’d say that was a pretty major touchscreen smartphone, although I don’t know how long they’ve got the exclusive for.

    Went into Carphone Warehouse earlier and the guy said he thought it might be going to O2.

    I hope it comes out on all networks, I hate exclusivity deals. I’ve been due for an upgrade since March but was waiting for the HD. Then it came out on Orange. Orange??? Why would anyone want to get a contract with Orange?? The Galaxy’d better come out soon, and not exclusive.

  21. could we not buy this phone from Germany and then put our own sims in it if it is unlocked? €17.50 is ~£15, so with o2 simplicity with the free unlimited internet bolt on, thats £20, that totals to £35. I shouldn’t imagine that it would be any cheaper than that on contract over here!

  22. I tried calling bot O2 and Carphonewarehouse but i could not get any info on this phone at all :(

    it has gone on sale in Germany today and will follow in France in a few more days.

    I spoke to a insider at 02 and they confirmed that the phone is bound for 02 but she had no more details than that.
    June now seems unlikly as there are only a few days left. Qustion is will they get it out before T-Mobile / Orange Bring out the Hero.

  23. Will take ages for US carriers to get it. I am going to just buy one on the “gray” market and stuff it with my sim card.

  24. O2 UK are saying mid July for release…

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