Gensoid: Emulating Sega Genesis

The people (or person?) who brought us Nesoid, yongzh, has done it again with Gensoid. Gensoid brings all of your childhood memories of the Sega Genesis to your Android phone just like Nesoid did. This application is going to set you back a mere $2.99 for the full, unrestricted version.

Game play on Gensoid is very smooth, with very little lag. The sound is slightly distorted, but arguably a huge improvement over Nesoid. Another worry is trying to navigate the six available action buttons for your right thumb, as opposed to a much more manageable two on the NES. My fat thumbs may not be able to handle the pressure.


So head on over to the Market, courtesy of our QR code located at the bottom, and prepare yourself for additional hours of battery life wasted and carpal tunnel of the thumbs, as you re-battle your old foes of Streets of Rage, Shinobi, and Golden Axe! At one point there was a lite version made available to demo the emulator. However I can’t seem to find it on the Market or Cyrket, can anyone help out? Was it pulled?

And as always, remember: Developing, purchasing, downloading, installing and/or running an emulator is 100% legal. However, you are only allowed to play ROMs to which you own the original cartridge.

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  • Tyler Miller

    Let’s not have a repeat of Nesoid. No comments regarding where to download, where to find, or who to talk to in regards to downloading ROMs! Happy emulating!

  • Jonno.N

    This is excellent news, I can’t wait to play Echo the Dolphin!!! And Desert Strike frak yeah!

  • Furret

    is there an option to controll it somehow with display? I mean, if it is gonna be usable on magisc and galaxies…

  • The Android Site

    FYI, it’s back on the Market. Great download.

  • TareX

    Pure brilliance

  • dp43

    It would be great if this had touch screen controls to be useable on the htc magic and hero.

  • Daniel

    The latest version supports touch screen d-pad and start button, which combined with the physical search, back, trackball and call buttons of the HTC Magic make it fully playable on this device.

  • ken

    can someone tell me where to find a working rom of triple play 96 ive tried hundreds of rom sites

  • smid

    is it possible to play the emulator on the samsung galaxy S as it has no D-pad?