Android 1.5 Widgets: A First Look

We’ve heard a lot about the new “widgets” debuting on Android 1.5 – well, you have because I won’t stop taking about them! I think imlementing a standardized system for widget integration will bring a new and immediate level of functionality to all Android phones that will be pretty exciting. John from Phonedog put together a video demo of widgets in action on his rooted and cupcaked version of the G1 for all to see:

Good stuff on all accounts. However, notice the search John does for “widget” on Android market yields 42 results? I would expect that number to increase DRASTICALLY as Cupcake updates hit the UK, US and elsewhere and it is for that precise reason that I hope the Google Android Team will add a “widgets” category to the Android Market Applications area. All in good time… for now I’m just excited to have all the great widgets that will undoubtedly be developed!

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  • jonbron

    I’m kind of disappointed in the lack of solid widgets as of yet…

  • conor

    I did a search for “widget” and only get 29 items……wtf?

  • Kan

    Widgets is a technology thats spent a decade without making a mark. Dont know who uses it (or would want to use it). Rob, stop wasting your time writing about them

  • uhe04

    I live in london and I have the official OTA Cupcake, got it on 6 May. But I don’t know what’s up with the calender widget. It just says no upcoming events. It doesn’t even tell u what the date is. Does anyone know what’s up with that?

  • David

    To uhe04 I downloaded the manual update from a link given on this site and got what was described as the official UK cupcake update. Calendar works fine, so maybe you can try downgrading your phone back to RC9 and updating it again manually.