Samsung i7500 Pictures = Beautiful

In less than a week the Samsung i7500 was rumored as the first Samsung Android Phone, confirmed as the first Samsung Android Phone, promptly got caught on video and now we’ve got even more Samsung i7500 goodies for you in picture form. The same website that brought the video ( has now posted a bunch of beautiful photographs of the Samsung i7500 that make the phone look pretty darn astonishing.

Man… that AMOLED screen looks nothing short of killer – hopefully it isn’t a battery killer.

[Via tinhte – thanks mario]

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  • James Ots

    I thought that OLEDs use less power, so I would hope that having the AMOLED screen would make the battery last longer.

  • FxN

    Tnat’s right AMOLED doesn’t require a back lighting which I believe is the most power hungry part of a screen at the moment. Apparently they are quite poor in sunlight though =o((

  • kungufli

    No one noticed the front camera? But Android 1.5 doesn’t support the videocall…

  • David

    Oh no, and there I went and got a G1 last Friday. Well at least the G1 has a keyboard which none of the new phones seem to have :o)

  • enjoijams

    Im getting a special edition Touch Pro 2 with dual boot Android/WinMo. I should have it in my hands by May 21st.

  • John

    UGLY — it looks just like the G1. Way too many buttons — maybe they can’t help that — but the picture taking button looks just as small as the current one on the G1. Thumbs down.

  • Ricky

    It looks amazing. I’m actually considering if I should get it or not. But not having a keyboard makes me squirm.

  • James

    This phone looks fantastic.

    I watched the video yesterday – did anyone else notice that the user never used the “touch”screen? Might be a silly question but is this definitely a touchscreen phone?

  • R


    The camera is definately on the back….

  • Ron


    That looks more like a light sensor than a front camera.

  • chris

    Ron is right, it looks like a light sensor.

    @James: actually, in the video the user touches the screen twice or three times. However it is interesting to see that you can navigate everywhere in the phone without the touchscreen: that may be used if you fingers are just filthy. Another good thing is the screen is not resistive touch-screen but a capacitive one (i.e. like the iPhone) which gives much more feature (e.g. smoother touch and no need to press down on the screen, simply hover it).

  • Jay

    Yes, it is… AMOLED doesn’t have backlight, so it reduces power consumption.