HTC Magic Unboxing

And the obligatory unboxing of the HTC Magic has finally arrived, performed below by Sascha from He has done 100 or so Netbook unboxings but the HTC Magic is his first Smartphone unboxing… cheers Sascha!

He had the Black HTC Magic and apparently most people had the White version which I found surprising. He calls it “pretty competitive” when compared to the iPhone and G1 but I think he is just being shy and meant to say the HTC Magic is the uber-jam-diggity, right Sascha?

[Thanks Brian!]

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  • Apo11oBo

    Wow! This guy is quite eccentric lol.

  • Carlos

    I’ve been using the magic firmware on the g1 for a month now and its fully functional. Its rather lame T-Mobile has decided to not release the upgrade just to trump up the g2 as some sort of “Upgrade”. Its the same damn phone with its exterior slightly redesigned.

  • Carmex

    Who says T-Mobile has “decided” not to release the cupcake upgrade? Last news I heard, T-Mobile Germany set a rough release date. AFAIK there’s no reason to think the US won’t get it, too.

  • Jake

    i think i might end up waiting for the samsung Phone if it come out on T-mobile as an upgrade to my g1

  • Jompa

    Nice that it got Opera Mini. Gets my national pride up ;) (Opera is a Norwegian Company)

  • Michael Martin

    Germany gets predominantly BLACK G2 Magics.

  • Reggin

    For someone who has done 100 or so unboxings, his are pretty bad. Ya, it’s not a netbook but still…doesn’t seem to know much about android either.

  • DAnny

    I WANT THE A1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • Ivan Soto


    He’s so annoying and he doesn’t know much about Android.

    Usability 101: If you get a call with any phone you FIRST look for the green button, then you touch the screen, then you click the trackball.

  • Ricky

    LOVE his accent. Not so much the eyebrows…
    Any who…I like the Magic in Black, it looks glossy.
    But I need a keyboard. I hate on screen keyboards, they just aren’t the same.

  • josh

    they already released the official update for development phones it will only be a few weeks before they make it for everyone if you dont want to wait then just root your phone

  • str4vag

    he was rushing through the whole unboxing..