HTC Magic Hitting SFR France May 6th!

The HTC Magic is definitely doing the rounds. After a pre-order on Vodafone UK a little over a week ago the HTC Magic was just announced on Vodafone Spain and A1 Austria this morning. But it doesn’t stop there. The HTC Magic has also just been announced for SFR which is Vodafone’s French brand:


And lucky for us the embedded a little French HTC Magic promo video. We especially enjoy that because instead of us trying to translate lots of French and telling you exactly what all this means, you can just watch the video!

It seems the device goes ON SALE (online) May 6th but won’t be available in stores until 2 weeks later, according to our French speaking tipsters.

[Via HTC, Thanks Gorfou and Philippe!]

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  • cr0vax

    It will be availbale the 13th May with the results of the Android Challenge that SFR organized :