Austria Getting HTC Magic In May on A1 (Mobilkom Austria)

Earlier this morning we announced that the HTC Magic was available for purchase on Vodafone Spain. Next up: Austria. Thanks to a tipster (Thanks Old Schepperhand) we’ve spotted the HTC Magic for sale on the shop!


The Tipster says announced for “beginning of May” but nowhere on the product page can I find any mention of date. In fact, there is an email signup so you can be instantly notified when the product goes up for sale. We know that these emails don’t always turn out well so we might recommend subscribing to our RSS feed in addition… you know, safety net type stuff.

I’ve heard some begging from Australians out there but not Austrians… yet… speak now or forever hold your peace – are you excited for the Magic to launch on A1?

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  • http://sø Søren Juul

    Come on, Denmark wants to be on the list as well!

  • gabriel


    I’m in Austria and I will definitely get this phone!!!

  • Stefan

    I also need to wait for the Phone to be released.
    A1 said to me that they dont know exactly which Date the Phone will be released. I hope …