Phandroid Podcast: Episode 5

After a 1.5 week hiatus the Phandroid Podcast is back! With the blame for delay placed squarely on my own shoulders, I will gladly use the out-of-town wedding (congrats Karen and Anthony Perez!) and need to “catch up” as my scapegoat. But not like you care – the important part is we’re back! And yes, we will try our best to release at the BEGINNING of each week… no promises!

In any case, Episode 5 features Rob Jackson (me), Joey Sochacki (@sochacki on twitter) and Spencer Gardner (@spencergardner on twitter) with a short and sweet podcast compared to the first 4 episodes, weighing in at 37 minutes. We cover a wide array of Android topics from hardware news to software rumors and everything in between!


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Here are some links to the items on the agenda if you’d like to follow along and go more in depth:

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  • Danny

    it about TIME ~!!!!!!!

  • mahmoud

    what is the link for tether wifi that joey was talking about.

  • nnX

    Didn’t like this podcast. Rob, you seemed unprepared and your thoughts weren’t really coherent. You haven’t rooted your phone yet or even know how to? Have you ever been on XDA? Or Pretty poor performance. I hope the next one goes better.

  • Spencer Gardner

    @nnx: It’s just like jailbreaking the iPhone…even some of the “top” editors and journalists out there who you’d think would try to hack or mod their devices don’t. It’s just a choice. Hacking and modding the G1 is certainly not a prerequisite to becoming a good writer, editor, or podcaster.
    I’m sure many a tech journalist has simply chosen not to take the underground method of jailbreaking or modding their devices for simple reasons.

  • Spencer Gardner

    @mahmoud the link for the WiFi Tether .apk is have fun!

  • Rob Jackson

    @nnx: sorry i haven’t met your standards because i haven’t tried to “root” my phone. if you’d like to give me $400 to hack around on a phone i don’t use as my personal mobile phone, by all means, send it over.

    Those who updated their phones to the newest cupcake builds, which you need root access to accomplish, recently found out that Android Market stopped working… it is reasons like that which I don’t want to attempt root on my main communication gadget. I prefer to err on the side of caution.

  • Andrew R


    There is no link to the audio? Has it been removed?

  • Spencer Gardner

    Ope, @Andrew R…I knew I could be of some use somewhere! The link is right below the Podcast graphic…

    Happy April 17th

  • Jake

    please! root instructions!

  • Jake

    Question- Dose anyone know what T-Mobile will do if they suspect you to be tethering your phone?

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  • Jochen

    Ah nice, didn’t hear this one yet.

    Listened to the previous podcasts (and enjoyed them a lot!!) while jogging last couple of (non weekend) days.

    Hope there are a lot more coming up!

    And I actually don’t even have an Android phone yet… :D

    I can’t miss my M$ exchange and don’t think the Android exchange 3rd party support is decent enough just yet… (tried it on my WM6.5 HTC Kaiser Android boot)


  • Jeff

    Good episode, you guys rock! @Jochen – the Moxier Mail exchange app is very solid! You should look into that one.

  • Jochen

    @ Jeff: Thanks a lot for the tip! Will do! :)

  • Jompa

    Next episode comming soon?

  • x3haloed

    “It’s slick” lol

  • Quentyn

    Dead, much? No new eps?

  • Shane

    Hay guys, just discovered Android in the last week or so and now all i want is an HTC Magic from rogers!! 2 weeks ago i was a total crackberry addict, but now i cant get enough android……So going to upgrade from my curve to a magic or I7500 later this summer. but i need more pod casts to get me through till i can upgrade…….were are you, from the last few it sounded like you were going to do one every week……please i need to fill my addiction……….

  • Mark

    Hope you guys get some more episodes up. I enjoyed the podcasts so far, bring it back to life.

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