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The latest build of Android was put through the paces on CTIA-eve on a Vodafone branded HTC Magic. In leiu of Joey’s Cupcake Sunday we figured we should bring you some sort of video and while it’s not much, we’ve got a 13-second video showing off Android’s new Orientation Animation:

The orientation detection seems slow, but supposedly improvements are being made. Other updates include the virtual keyboard now with emoticons. There were a few other minor changes as well and you can head on over to MobileCrunch to check them out… but the video is the exciting part if you care to go that far.

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  1. That looks sick. I really hope G1 users can look forward to the same. For now, DroidSans Tweak Tools serves all of my auto-rotating needs.

  2. That looks awesome, I can’t wait for the update!

  3. Check out build 4.5 YOU WANT THIS!!

  4. i have a g1 but why, no matter what google does, its never looks as slick as the iphone. the transition seems too long and it just doesn’t look smooth. Tell me i’m wrong, please.

  5. hey

    this is the black htc magic! i hope we get it here in germany with these black buttons and not with the ugly silver ones!

  6. So the htc magic cra7 image has been ported to the g1.

    You can d/l it here..

    Its build 4.5 and has pretty much everything working, vk, bt, wifi, google apps, etc..

    build 4.9 is a htc customized build that is unstable..

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