T-Mobile HTC Magic/G2 Passes FCC!


T-Mobile + FCC + HTC Magic = The G2 is coming to America, baby! It’s not like we didn’t see this coming, but boy oh boy does it make our entire weekend magical to know that the next Android Phone is on its way to America in due time. We peeped all the info from the good old FCC and extracted the pics for proof!

T-Mobile HTC Magic / G2 Front


T-Mobile HTC Magic / G2 Back


T-Mobile HTC Magic / G2 Battery Back with Battery Removed


T-Mobile HTC Magic / G2 Side 1


T-Mobile HTC Magic / G2 Side 2


T-Mobile HTC Magic / G2 Battery Back


T-Mobile HTC Magic / G2 Battery Front


T-Mobile HTC Magic / G2 Headsets Black/White


T-Mobile HTC Magic / G2 Charger


T-Mobile HTC Magic / G2 Second Solution (change camera & LCM) no clue what that means


I would normally expound on this but I’m pretty much speechless and paralyzed with joy. This is what makes staying up until 2AM worth it. I can now sleep in peace and enjoy my weekend of Android Zen. Marinate on THAT!

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  1. Do I read “5.0 mega pixel” on the back cover? Wasn’t the Magic supposed to have a 3.2 camera? You US ppl are gonna get an improved version of the Magic? Why we EU ppl always have to be treated like the junk of the world? :(

  2. Hmm, that looks like a bigger battery?

  3. i’ve been watching the g2 news eagerly and i’m definitely going to buy and android phone this summer so i’m thrilled at this development, but it has me wondering: what sets this apart from the g1, really? on the plus side it’s smaller because of the lack of keyboard, but on the minus side you lose the keyboard. are there any other major differences? faster processor? longer battery life? more storage?

    for someone who doesn’t own either, sell me on getting this one instead of the discount g1s…

  4. Great!

    IMHO this phone looks more like a G3 or a G2+ than the G2.
    It is less curved than the G2, there is a “5.0” inscription near the camera and the battery looks different (bigger?).

  5. am i seeing things? does that say 5.0 MP on the back cover? I thought the G2/Magic was stuck with the same bogey 3.2 MP camera that all the other HTC devices suffer from…

  6. Finally! An android phone without the physical keyboard and sliding mechanism!
    I have wanted an android phone since the G1 was announced, but refused to get it because of the keyboard. Hopefully it is officially announced and released soon!

  7. @nick:

    It has a slightly bigger storage (512MB vs. 128MB) and slightly larger battery (1350mAh vs. 1150mAh) compared to the G1, however the biggest differentiator is the smaller and more aesthetically pleasing design. Cupcake, with its auto-rotate, on-screen keyboard, stereo bluetooth, video recording, and some other improvements also make their debut with this device and you don’t have to wait for T-Mobile to issue a firmware patch to G1’s.

    That said I am extremely pleased that this uses the old button layout at the bottom. I really thought that the Vodafone Magic’s buttons were too big and awkward, and kind of ruined the high-end look.

  8. * Ah, the G1 has 256MB of storage, my mistake. And yeah, last I heard the Magic had a 3.2 megapixel camera, but maybe HTC increased it to 5.0 for the US release?

  9. Hmm, does that look like a proprietary headphone plug? It would be a shame not to have a standard jack on this phone.

    But I’m liking what I’m seeing otherwise.

  10. That definitely says 5.0mp… let’s hope that’s an actual release copy. Although, I believe when you submit a product to the FCC it has to be the release model right?

    Anyways, this is awesome and I am seriously considering ditching my G1 for this phone when it comes out. :D

  11. Pretty slick overall but it looks like they are still using the USB headphone jack. That was the deal breaker for me on the G1. Awful.

    If I’m going to have to deal with a USB headphone jack either way I might be buying a G1 when the G2’s come out. Discount! I’m not sure the lack of a QWERTY keyboard is a plus. Will be interesting to see how cupcake manages that.

  12. Personally, for something to have ONLY an onscreen softKB.. you need a 3.5 inch screen at least. Especially with fat fingers like mine :)

  13. Awesome! Guess I’m switching over to T Mobile after 6 years with AT&T. Good thing my contract is up in June.

  14. Not a compelling phone for me, at all. I wish someone would just throw Android on a decent bit of hardware and release it already!

    I’m chomping at the bit for a new convergence gadget–want to get rid of the dumb phone+PDA and tack on usable GPS while i’m at it–and there’s *still* not a decent phone that rivals my ~7 year old Zaurus’ screen or capabilities. If the Z had radios built in, i’d just stick with it for another decade. A real quality device.

    The Touch Pro2 is the first thing i’ve seen that looks like it might be a step over instead of down. I guess that means i’ve got, what, another 12-18 months to wait for Android? Grrr…

  15. wow it look so cool !!!!
    but USB headset suck

  16. Sadly America != North America :( Boo for Canada.

  17. Great news indeed! I would still need to be proven on Cupcake’s/Magic’s soft keyboard before temptation asks me to jump ship. If I can try out the OSK on my HTC Dream soon, and if it proves to have the same high level of accuracy and spelling correction as the iPhone OS does, I am sold. Until then, it’s hard for me to personally get excited for the phone, but I’m definitely excited for Android and everyone else who will adopt this phone as their first Android-based handset

  18. no flash on camera and still no headphone jack. No thanks ill stick with my G1

  19. Obviously, if you already have a G1, this is not the phone for you, so stop complaining that it isn’t. This is a lower-end phone for the iPod Touch/iPhone crowd but with Android; HTC and T-Mobile aren’t going to suddenly ask existing G1 owners to switchover, they’re smarter than that. So all these “I’ll stick with the G1” comments just make me shake my head because you guys are completely missing the point. The Magic is to take Android mainstream; lower cost, less methods of input, better design, etc.

  20. Why would the FCC use such a low res camera?

  21. HTC produce 2 different version of Magic. Magic SAPP100 for european market with 3.2mp camera and frequancy network 900/2100Mhz and SAPP300 for other market with frequency network 1700/2100Mhz and camera 5.0mp

  22. When is AT&T gonna get these!
    I feel like they are dragging their heels on the Android!

  23. Does anybody know what the average time from FCC approval to actually selling a phone to customers usually is with T-Mobile? Should I be expecting to wait 1 month, 2 months, 6 months? I want an Android phone so bad, but just don’t like the looks of the G1. The Magic looks great.

  24. Can someone tell me what is so great about the Android in comparison to other competitors? I ask in great ignorance and until then, I’ll keep reading.

  25. I think the EU version looks better with the squarish buttons and all.

  26. I would hope that any new HTC g smart phone would have at least a 5mp w/flash, a decent lens, fast focus, a long life battery, adobe flash player and reader, keyboard light where you control the time, ie NEVER TIME OUT if that is what the user wants, super shock resistance from bumping or falls, and the elements in general. Having the ability to upload photos would be nice as well. Also, having super reception is very important. No one wants a dropped call or not to be able to use a phone in a garden apt., basement, or elevator. Sexy is ok; but performance is what really counts.

  27. @Keinan

    In a nutshell, it is a more functional phone than its competitors. In addition, any functionality that is missing can be written in by a developer. CompareEverywhere and ShopSavy apps are excellent examples of software the world hasn’t even seen on a phone, and make perfect sense.

    Flash (camera) is highly unlikely as … well … I just don’t see it. And it would take up more battery than already needs to be taken. Digital cameras in general still have problems with focusing quickly and lenses. Adobe will come out with flash, and third parties already have pdf viewers. Most of he rest are solved programmatically. And the rest? We have been demanding that from cell phones from day one.

  28. the dream passed fcc last august and was available in oct
    so if this one passed in march maybe may it will release

  29. @ GODMODE
    I am using a touch victor (a variant of the diamond) & I only have a 2.8″ screen.. I Can honestly say that it works just fine for my extremely fat fingers.. I just dont use full qwerty on it instead I use the suretouch crap wich took like a whole 2 days to become accommodated to & now I am glad I traded in my HTC Kaiser with its full kbd for this as I can now type as fast with 1 hand as I used to with 2..

    I For one am anxiously awaiting the release of the G2.. I have put off getting a g1 due to both aesthetics & size.. The only complaints I have with the g2 are as follows
    1. Needs a standard headset jack end of story..
    2. that eggshell white is ugly as sin IMO. Give it to me in black.
    3. Screen res should be atleast 640×480 not this half VGA crap that there is now..

  30. Just touch screen key board I’m not buying it I’m a grown ass man, with grown men fingers not for me, make it have both and then you saying something like having the best of both worlds

  31. i just wanted to know if those pics are truthful, becuse it looks like the t mobile sign on the back has been tampered with and the g1 says google where the tmobile sign is (on the back). not to mention when i went to the fcc and read their forms, the fcc signed a contract saying that they wouldnt post any images of the prototype, so it makes me think that if that picture was tampered with then maybe the camera( which i hope not!!!) might not be truely 5 megapixels :(

  32. hope it comes with a flash player in the phone an flash on the camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Hey I just got the phone and I took the back case off to put my sim card in it but i cant get the back case back on the phone!?!?! Is there a special way you do it beacause ive been trying forever

  34. yeah, i need a “headphone jack” right now my g1 is charging so i have no music until my phone is charged. thats one of the things i miss about my BB, the damn headphone jack!!!

  35. I have the t-mobile shadow. I have a small adaptor that enables you to plug in a charger and the usb headphone (comes with it). I also have another adaptor with the 3.5 aux jack for a standard headphone or to plug into a car audio jack (bought on ebay). No problems if you have the right adaptors.

  36. There is no 5 mg pixe; camera for this phone. idk where they got that from but its fake. all the magics have 3.2

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