Phandroid Podcast – Episode 2

It’s our second edition of the Phandroid Podcast! This time brought to you by myself (Rob Jackson) and Joey Sochacki (Devolio on I’ve linked to some of the topics we cover below for your convenience. Hope you enjoy the show and we’d love to hear you feedback! (I blame my rapid-fire talking on 1 too many cups of coffee this AM.)


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The Agenda:

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  • carnegie

    hey guys,

    cool podcast, but actually I’d like to listen to it on my G1, where’s the mp3 version? As far as I remember there was one last week, right?
    Much appreciated, keep it up ;)

  • Joey Sochacki

    The link has been posted, thanks for letting us know.

  • androidandme

    Do you have guest on your show?

  • Scott Webster

    I have been using GrandCentral for around 2 years now and LOVE it. I got it back when they were a standalone company. There are ridiculous features in there. I give it out to people to screen calls, record them and more. I’d love to share more with ya if you wanna talk about it.

  • eric

    ogg version of the podcast plz.