T-Mobile G1: $98 at Amazon!

If you want the best possible deal on the T-Mobile G1 you need to head over to Amazon where they’re currently selling the only American Android Phone for only $98! It costs $179.99 if you buy it directly from T-Mobile so that is a HECK of a deal. How do they do it? I’d say Magic, but that’d hit a sore spot for Americans at the moment. Too late I guess.

Click on the pic below to see for yourself:


Not sure how long this is going to last, if it’s a limited time promotion or what but if you were on the fence before… time to hop on over where the grass is greener!

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  • Tim

    Sweet deal, I still don’t feel bad about payin 350.
    I can’t wait for project Jonesville to release the webisodes for android

  • X3HaloEd

    Just bought mine from Amazon yesterday! I can’t wait ’til it comes on Thursday. The last bit that pushed me over the fence was that T-Mobile was waving the $35.00 activation fee through the 11th. I just couldn’t resist a $135.00 savings on the phone that I’ve wanted ever since it came out.

  • http://droidsuperstore.com/ droid x cases

    Too bad they have gotten rid of this phone, it was a good one even though it really never caught on. So much for Google being in the hardware business.