Orange France Getting HTC Dream!

htc-dream-orangeI see Orange, I see France, I see… that HTC Dream doesn’t fit into this little joke attempt. But nonetheless, all our French friends get out your mustard cause it’s almost time to celebrate… the HTC Dream will reportedly go on sale with Orange on March 5th!

For all intents and purposes this is the T-Mobile G1. Or I guess its the T-Mobile G1 that is the HTC Dream. Either way, you’ll be able to have it really soon for only 99EUR on a 2-year contract with 42 extra EUR for the Origami Star Plus Plan.

If you were more hoping for the HTC Magic to make its way to France than stay tuned to SFR (French Carrier) who will be carrying the HTC Magic a few months after its released throughout Europe on Vodafone. There is no Vodafone in France so that whole “exclusivity” thing got excused.


Rejoice Frandroids!

[Via Intomobile]

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  • nah0y

    Hey !
    I’m french and have the T-Mobile G1 for 2 months now.

    So glad that Android is coming to France and so exited !
    I will be able to sell my applications very soon :D

  • Vasher

    It is about France so I will ask…

    What about the France 24 tv feed as an app for G1. Iphone just got it last month. does an Iphone app translate quickly to the G1 app or no?

  • cr0vax

    Well SFR is Vodaphone.

  • Matthew Gaunt

    Hey Vasher

    From my limited experience with android and people I know who have coded for the iphone they are both very different and translating from one to the other I don’t think is particularly easy to do, however the same algorithms and techniques for the apps would be the same, soooo it wouldn’t take to long to transfer, only takes time to learn the api differences and layout differences between iphone and android

  • Herbert

    SFR is the name for Vodafone France. Magic will still be exclusive to Vodafone for a while.

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