GMail Is Down, G1 Isn’t

At the time of this writing, much of the world could not access their GMail account. This isn’t some phantom bug that only a hand full of people could recreate – this morning Google acknowledged the problems and said they are working on fixing them immediately.


For those of you who depend on GMail and are currently panicking, you may want to try accessing your GMail through your G1 if you own one. Search Marketing Expert, David Naylor, said that while the online version of GMail wasn’t working for him that mobile access on his G1 worked fine.

Hopefully that will help a few people whose inbox has been hit with chaos. G1 to the rescue!

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  • Piers

    Mobile access might have worked, but push email wasn’t working. Thankfully email was still getting to the servers. Apparently IMAP was working as well.

  • Aranea

    Actually I have been having problems with push email and gtalk for the last a couple of days. The emails would sometimes be slow to be pushed or required a refresh and I would sign of gtalk once in awhile and will have to sign in myself rather than the phone doing it automatically.

  • Jason D

    no problems at all today.

  • Sameer

    Tried accessing gmail using https when http did not work and hey presto! it worked.