Paid Android Apps Coming This Week?

paid-appsSo far the company line has been that Paid Android Apps will launch early Q1 2009. One could assume that “early” Q1 would mean before the midway point and we’re dangerously close to the midway point of 2009’s first quarter. Its not like mobile timeframes are usually dead on and this timeframe was set way back in October 2008 – but with the release of RC33 and MWC just ahead the timing seems right.

In an article about Microsoft’s efforts to compete with the likes of the iPhone and Android, “people familiar with the matter” were cited as saying that paid Android Apps would launch this week. Here is the actual text from the source article:

Google, too, hosts an application store, dubbed the Android Market, for phones running its Android mobile operating system, the first of which is the G1 from Deutsche Telekom AG’s T-Mobile USA. This week Google will start allowing developers to charge for software sold through the Android Market, according to people familiar with the matter.

Surprising? Not at all. Exciting? Heck yes.

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  • Shane Isbell

    At SlideME, we rolled out paid application support two weeks ago. We have a global billing system, so a developer from any country can sell anywhere. Stocking of paid applications has been slow but we are seeing a lot of behind-the-scenes interest as developers and content providers prepare their applications.

  • Michael Martin

    How did you find that pic?


    I had one of those back in day…think around when the first TRUE Transformers movie came out.

    ,Michael Martin


    Awesome!!! What we’ve been waiting for! This is where “sndroid app review websites” will deliver infinate value to Android users. Let some else pay for and evaluate an app to get a better idea of its worth.

  • jeff

    Finally, you know all the great apps that can actually compete with the iphones apps have just been sitting in developers comps waiting for the paid store to open…

    Not many devs wanna work hard just to give away for free or worse *Gasp! Put ugly adds all over their creation!

    I can honestly say our androids will be way more useful in the coming weeks!

    …now if somebody would make a flashlight or a tip calculator id totally pay like 10 bucks each! I’ve been dying waiting for one of those!

  • Alex

    Merchant accounts registration is already in there. They promise to show us the first paid apps by the mid next week.

  • Froogloid

    We plan on releasing our first application next week! I’ve blogged about it here: