Android To Do List, By Google

The good folks at Google brought Task Lists to Gmail in December and they turned out to be wildly popular. Now Google has brought that feature to Android and the iPhone, seamlessly syncing the tasks and task lists that you’ve been using on your desktop for the last few months:

Simply visit on your mobile device (make sure you’re already logged in to your gmail account) to try it out!

[Via TechCrunch]

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  • Matt Soreco

    Android? Where? It’s not in the Market.

  • Dave Kaufman – Techlife

    To bad the guy shows an iPhone and the little add to homescreen on the G1 is a bit different. Time for a Phandroid video.

  • MikeTeeVee

    It it syncing, or is it just a mobile-optimized web page?

  • servo

    app of this for android please. dont like going to the browser for everything ….

  • Jake

    Make a bookmark and add said bookmark to your ‘desktop’ Android Version of video Done. NEXT!

  • Jason D

    Seems pretty cool, although the mobile version needs more features. I agree an app is in order, but I can wait until they roll out some cupcakes first. :)

  • Jeff

    For those of you that want to try it out on your desktop, the real url is

    Oh, and it also doesn’t seem to work with Google Apps for your Domain. And it is lame. What we really need is a native application, not another silly web app. I’m going to stick with the Astrid/Remember the Milk combo for now.

  • Sean

    They start Tasks but kill off Notebook?

  • Édouard


    If you want an augmented end-user experience with tasks management, please give a try to the TooDo application (, already available on the Android Market. It can be synchronized with both Toodledo ( and Remember The Milk ( services, and you can create a free account there.

    If you want any new feature or for any support, please log a request on

    Thank you for your time.

  • Ian Franklin

    I think it shows how google feels about android by using the iphone to show a new google feature. I am starting to regret getting a G1. I think google is just tinkering around to see if people were into the idea of google mobile OS.

  • http://pupeno.ocm J. Pablo Fernández

    I agree, the app is required. Any idea how to use it for Google Apps for Domain?


  • Paladin27

    It does work for Apps for Domains, but they really sucked at publishing it. The URL is

  • Jonno.N

    @Ian Franklin
    No way, it just shows how dedicated google is to providing products across it’s userbase, even if said userbase includes their competition. They probably used an iPhone because the guy on the team making the application may have an iPhone, many people at google still have theirs since they came out first and everyone got one (and some people just prefer a polished product, nothing wrong with that) but I don’t think it shows anything about how google feels about their mobile OS. Google is serious about this stuff, they’re not just tinkering around. It’s just that they just jumped into the game and they’re not up to speed as everyone else is. This is a completely new platform for them, they’ll get it right. Just give it time.

    Also, this needs an app, I can’t even get the list to do anything on my browser and I have no intentions of using it at all. Astrid is good for now.

  • Raquel Case

    Here we are going to look at some very trading specific aspects advantages of getting involved in a native application. But, making the real url is only half the equation. Once they are setup you will see a bookmark of the guy listed.

  • Craig M

    No, a simple URL to gmail tasks is not sufficient…
    Not even if you create a shortcut to it.

    What’s really needed is an app that syncs with
    gmail tasks, like gmail, contacts, and calendar.

    What happens when you’ve lost connectivity?
    You’re hosed.

    Hopefully one’s coming …

  • superdroid

    Welcome to the Super List. Super List is an android based mobile/web to do list application used to record your tasks anywhere and anytime.

    You can choose to sync your tasks to our server and then you can work with them on our website by your laptop. Which means you can also write the list at home on our site by your computer if you do not like to type too much on a mobile device. And then get the entire list from server to your phone after leaving home.

    for more:

  • jofraise

    I happen to like InContext. It doesn’t have 1000 features but can handle nested tasks with an infinite depth and I find that useful.

    My 2 cents.

  • Young

    Anyone come up with a REAL alternative yet? What I’m missing is how with Windows mobile you had the home screen which showed your tasks, emails and schedule. I want that with G1 but apparently google is thinking cloud computing. LOL. So like #15 said, when you’re in a dead zone, you’re hosed. I’m thinking some sort of tasks/todo list app that has a home screen widget and syncs with outlook so I can get a windows gadget to show my todo/schedule on the desktop and have it synced with my phone. I’ve missed this functionality and mobile office since going from Windows mobile to android.

  • otis

    this needs to be an APP

  • David

    There is an app on the market called gtasks, its free and it looks good, I’ll try it now and will report back.

  • Michelle

    I am looking for a to-do list or a task list that not only has an icon on the screen but will also show on my calendar, and in the agenda on my android… any ideas anyone?

  • andyps

    Would be great if this or gtasks would actually allow specific times for the tasks as Outlook does, anyone know an app that does that and gives reminders at the appropriate times?

  • Dave

    need bigger icons

  • paul

    search gtasks in the market and there is a 3rd party app that syncs with actual Gtasks fairly well

  • Chris

    A Google made Google Tasks Widget would be optimal. I have ADHD and the thought of having to go to the web to access my task lists makes me think I won’t use it. Though gTasks is good you have to go out of market to buy it and get all the functionality. I’m not comfortable with that.

  • Miko

    This thread shows how to add Google tasks to your Android-powered phone’s home screen. I did it on a Verizon Eris, it took about 15 seconds.