Multi-Touch on the G1 (VIDEO)

We’ve heard that Android has Multi-Touch capabilities before but we’ve never seen it in action with such detail and such great explanation/description. The video uses a lot of developer lingo but illustrates beautifully how multi-touch could work on real applications like Google Maps scaling (4-minutes in):

This Multi-Touch “hack” does NOT require a recompilation of the kernel and only one Java system library needs to be modified. However, this multi-touch system does have some limitations due to the locking of the X and Y coordinates.

Luke Hutchinson created this little app hack and has open sourced the entire thing on this website. Hit the via link to visit his website which has a RIDICULOUS amount of detail on the matter. BIG PROPS LUKE!

[Via Luke Hutchinson]

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  • Crater

    This is terrific. Maybe google, or a dev, will get this to work in things like google maps so that we can not have to use those plus and minus buttons.

  • MB

    why did Google have to comment it out?

  • Leslie Owusu-Appiah

    @MB: – I would guess that they commented it out due to the non-optimal performance Luke demonstrated (not because of threats from a fruit flavoured company like some have rumoured).

  • fluxa

    great work. thank you!

  • Jo

    comments out because th HW does not support it ‘period’. HTC’s fault. maybe to reduce the cost or their suply in taipei gave them the wrong stuff.

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