Kogan Agora Video: Lookin’ Good!

An Android Forums user who plans on using his unlocked Kogan Agora Pro on AT&T’s network has been keeping a close eye on Kogan – he has already pre-ordered the phone and his eagerly awaiting its arrival. Early this morning, he spotted a video of the Kogan Agora in action:

The device in the video is a pre-production model and the silver bezel around the LCD screen will be black in phones shipped to consumers. Either way, the touchscreen looks incredibly responsive for a pre-production unit and typing on the full QWERTY looks quite quick and effortless.

It took some convincing, but now we’re really excited for the Kogan Agora and Kogan Agora Pro to hit the streets. This video follows up on yesterday’s live pics which were also on Kogan’s blog post but were leaked yesterday.

FYI the Agora and Agora Pro have support for 850/1900/2100 UMTS. Australia uses the 850/2100 bands while AT&T makes use of 850/1900 – meaning it SHOULD work on AT&T.

[Android Forums via Kogan. Thanks Tom!]

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  • Nate

    I can’t wait. I know plenty of businessmen who are jealous of my G1, but are still tied to their blackberry’s style. I’ll definitely make them buy this :)

  • Jason DeVault

    WTF. I got a G1 but can’t wait for that one . Love the Blackberry style but need android OS. Anyone know how soon it will come out.