T-Mobile G1hetto iPod Dock

You love your G1. You love your iPod speakers. You have no choice but to dive into the ocean of uber geekery to solder the two worlds together, writing a chapter of G1hetto Nerdness in the process:

I mean sersiously, take one good look at that and tell me it isn’t ghetto. I dare you.

But regardless of what it is, it wasn’t easy to accomplish. And if you are daring enough you can try it yourself – webnetta has posted the entire step by step process, illustrating the who, what, when, where and how. We just want to know – why doesn’t an accessory that makes these connections for us already exist?

In the comments section it appears that PodGizmo is working on a solution so you won’t have to get all Macgyver on your G1.

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  • grimdeath

    I never understood the point of these docks…do people really carry that much music on their phones and use it to play so often that these are really needed? Personally I would rather blast the music on my desktop pc with nice speakers or use my music from my PC to windows media center on my Xbox to play it on my surround sound setup in the living room.

    I guess if people dont have either of those though it would be useful.

  • chewtoy

    Why the heck would you NOT want to play music from your phone. The fact that no one has licensed the apple doc spec for other phones bewilders me.

    Yes, people really do carry that much music. Welcome to the 21st century. My wife carries around multiple 16GB microsdhc cards, and before every party or get-together she’ll put together playlists for just that party. She carries an audio cable so she can connect to whatever speaker system there is. The music in her car is all from the phone.

    In a world of iphones and ipods, I can’t understand why you *wouldn’t* expect the phone to be used for music.