G1 Finally Hits Wal-Mart, $179.99

We heard rumors a couple weeks back about the T-Mobile G1 possibly hitting Wal-Mart… and for cheaper than it was in T-Mobile Corporate stores. After a slight setback, the T-Mobile G1 is finally available at Wal-Mart as you can see on their website.

I called the Wal-Mart in Baltimore, MD asking about the price and they confirmed they DO have it in stock and the price is $179.99. I asked again, mentioning the $149.99 Wal-Mart price rumors, and she ensured me that the price (nationwide) is $179.99 with a 2-year contract.

If you were waiting for the price to drop, I’d say you should stop waiting because you’re missing out! Oh… and if the price DOES go down soon… don’t blame me!

[Thanks RAYMOND]

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  • http://www.macewan.org macewan

    What carrier?

  • David

    I would suspect the T-Mobile G1 would be with T-Mobile. Just a thought.

  • James

    Do you know if the data plan is required? Some are looking to get this for voice only, then using wifi for everything else.

  • bk

    So how much does the 2 yr contract cost? (I’m in uk and just curious)