Android RC30 Updates Your G1

In the very early morning, it appears AndroidForum members first reported their G1’s being updated with the newest Android Over-The-Air update. It patches the apparent “jailbreaking” bypass that the current OS allows which allowed l33t h4x0rz to tap directly into the Android OS at the root level.

While it took most folks a long and varied amount of time to receive their RC29 updates, we’re guessing T-Mobile and Goog will be much more diligent in updating your Androids considering the nature of the update. How selfish!

It appears that US based G1 devices begin with TC4 while UK devices start with TC5. While our American Android’s new code reflect the RC30 change, we’re unsure what the structure of the United Kingdom update is. One AF user reported their current OS at “1.0 TC5-RC7 112931″.

When your G1 is able to be updated, you should receive a status notifcation that asks you if you would like to update now or later. Then you see an arrow pointing to a microchip to signify the update. Personally, I’m still on RC19 and T-Mobile hasn’t been polite enough to request my presence at the update party. I feel left out.

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  • Gonzo

    Interestingly, I never received a notification about the update..

    I just woke up one day, still waiting for my update.. plugged my G1 into my computer and noticed the USB notification in the tray. Checked my version and sure enough it was up to RC29..

    Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Jo

    Well i got the C29….
    I don’t mind the lock on the jailbreak. My jailbroken iPhone had lots of issues and had to restore many times.

    G1 is market is open to anyone that want to port an app. So to me i will run away from apps that are looking for jailbroken phones only.

  • Michael Martin

    Any notice if tethering still works after the RC30 update?

    Curious if this update disabled tethering along with the “jailbreak”

    ,Michael Martin

  • johnnys

    Ii want know when this phon will b available in India and how much it will cost us approx.

  • g2

    I just received my RC30 update. I will let you know if I notice anything different.

  • A Money

    me 2 man… still got rc-19 and i damn near was first at my tmobile store… aint that bout a b****…

    plus google can try to “stop” whatever they want…. people will continue to break through and they will continue to patch with an update…

    sooner or later they might as well allow these features to happen and exist or quit…. cus these “hackers” – in a nice, intelligent way of course – WONT QUIT…

    G1 – however YOU like it… not how google and tmobile want u to like it

  • armytank

    Still no update. I’m still sitting on rc19.
    Does anybody know why some people still haven’t got the firstupdate?

  • Rich

    What exactly is the difference after ‘jailbreaking’? What additional functionality is there?

  • http://None dytch

    I’ve been receiving the update notification since early morning but I just keep declining the upgrade for the moment.

  • Iain

    Im in the Uk and on TC5-RC7 also. Would like to get the update as it prolongs battery life im told but no sign so far.

  • Steve

    Hi people! Still on RC7 , Im in UK so thats probably why its not got to me yet, anyone have any idea’s when or how to get the RC 30 update, fill very old at the mo with RC7, CHeers

  • krstofer

    I never got an update and I got mine on the 22nd when they came out in the US. I just do it manually with the instructions I get on

  • Psqunq

    The updates are being pushed out about 2000 a day. It’s the same as what happened with the RC28 and 29 update. They were pushing out RC28, discovered a vulnerability and suddenly halted pushing out 28, started 29. They discovered problems with 29, stopped that and started pushing out RC30. If RC19 didn’t have these vulnerabilities, it’s probably best you haven’t received the updates yet.

  • Steve

    Still waiting patiently on this update! Will it just come through? Still running RC7 LOL!! Only want the update because i hear it helps the battery life, cant see how, DOES IT???????? Cheers peeps

  • Paul

    Reference UK updates, spotted these two on another forum.

    I have just spoken with technical support in the UK this morning and the rep that I spoke to put me on hold for 5 mins.

    When he came back he said that he’d checked and we should expect an update around the 12th-14th of November.

    Let’s wait and see!

    Just received this twitter message from a UK T-Mobile rep:

    The security patch is currently being tested for the UK. Aim to deliver over the air this month.This is high priority for us.

  • Paul

    Message posted on another forum:


    Robin from the Mobile Team Nov 10, 10:03 pm

    Hello to all the UK users,

    I’m impressed with all the good discussion over the weekend & I’d like
    to address some of the questions:

    – Yes a patch is still coming out, & will be pushed by Google as soon
    as we can. We don’t promise specific dates & times because anything
    can happen at the last minute, and there’s little worse than dashed
    We’re working hard to get the UK patch out; the delay is not an
    attempt to show favoritism or to ignore our friends across the pond! I
    hear it’s coming Very Soon.

    – You’ll notice that we use Groups for all of our products, not just
    “peripherals”. We’re monitoring them closely & think it’s fine to air
    things publicly where everyone can weigh in, no matter if the comments
    are positive or negative. The London Sales & Engineering Office won’t
    be able to assist you with these G1 questions; you can continue
    posting questions here or sending them to T-Mobile.
    Part of the joy of the open platform is that everyone has access to
    the code, so Google doesn’t become a bottleneck in the process. To be
    clear, the only portion of the phone that Google is fully supporting
    is the Android Market (which has it’s own Help Forum & Help Center).

    -Orlovsky – no need to remove your post, though I will mention that
    this isn’t the recommended way to get updates


    On Nov 10, 9:09 am, Orlovsky wrote:

  • Paul

    Report on another forum that RC8 is rolling out today.

    I received an update this morning, Build now shows TC5-RC8

    Anyone know what was done in this update?

  • Paul

    Useful thing to know:

    I believe that you can check for upgrades by creating an AnyCut shortcut to “Device Info”.

    Scroll down to the bottom and hit “Check for Upgrade”.

    Mine isn’t reporting any new pending updates yet though…

  • Steve

    Cheers for the feedback peeps.

    I suppose just wait and see then! Their will be alot more things happening ahead , Just wait and see patiently i suppose!!!!!

  • Steve


    One update this morning, now on TC5-RC8 116470.

    I’m watching that battery life – mine sucked big time whenever I used anything but the phone. I get about a day’s usage currently. Boo!

  • Steve C

    Re this morning’s update… That’s me above, that is…. didn’t see the other Steve (there’s just too many of us!)

    Incidentally, it cancelled my alarm clock. Bit of a worrier, as I nearly woke up late.

    One other thing is that the date and time reset itself to 17 Sep 08, roughly 3pm. Odd. Had to set the system to use networks settings.

  • Steve C

    Sorry, the first message seems to have been lost..

    Update as I awoke this morning…. TC5-RC8 116470

    Battery life has sucked until now. I hope this goes some way to letting me have more than a day’s use out of it with a full charge.

  • Paul

    Received update RC8 about 6.30 this morning. Next it’s a case of identifying what the fixes are in this update. Initially I’ve noticed that the phone seems to be running a lot cooler, and hopefully the battery will last longer between charges. Also checked to see if the [enter]reboot[enter] problem has been fixed and can confirm that it has. If anybody else notices any other fixes could they please post it.

  • Jessi G1

    I recieved that RC30 patch this morning and upgraded it while I slept. I wish I hadn’t done it. Now my phone keeps freezing and sometimes won’t dial. I also noticed that I am having trouble keeping a connection to the Tmobile network. Whatever this patch was supposed to fix, it may have but now it’s causing new trouble.
    I should have gotten a sidekick. GRRR Come on with the BLUETOOTH and the CAMERA blows.

  • bill A

    im sorry if this is a real stupid question.. but how can I find out what my operating system is?? rc30 or whatever?? please.. someone email me or im me with the answer..

  • http://none Kailash Nathan

    In response to A Money on November 8th, 2008 at 2:57 am:

    The hackers won’t quit, but you may be underestimating google. Have you ever heard about an exploit in Gmail? I haven’t… I think they will try to keep the same quality of firmware with the G1 going on. There may never be another hack because they’re working harder than the hackers (at their full time job) to prevent it

  • Rich

    You have to remember Google employs hackers! They can stop something if they really want to. They just release updates to conform with privacy rights and other FCC mandates. I don’t think they really care how you use their products and services but they do have guidelines they need to follow per HTC or Tmobile or both. You think Google cares if your tinkering around in the root? Hell no! They want you to have fun with their stuff. Tmo or HTC however, may feel differently so they “strongly suggest” that Google “attempt” to prevent certain things.

    Google is well aware that a “hackable” device is always a more appealing device. TMO may not feel the same way. Especially if there’s the possibility of an exploit that may potentially deprive them of revenue.

  • docpaul


    Could you tweet your update story + geolocation in only 140 chars?

    Share your stories here:


  • Maddy

    hiy all i have a g1 got it for chrimbooo
    love it
    love the fact i have an 8 gig memroy card
    SUM 1 HELP ME OUT HERE!!!!!!!!!