T-Mobile G1: Unboxing VIDEO

You can really sense my excitement opening up the T-Mobile G1 for the first time. I force myself to look at the box for a second and even reach for the “literature” before whipping the phone out of the holy box. But, I had to smile when I watched this video for a second time, realizing how excited I actually was to be playing with the first ever Android Phone:

It was a lot of fun… and I’ve been playing with the phone for almost a week. I’ve got tons of information, videos, pics, reviews and tidbits to throw your way! Stay tuned for lots and LOTS of great posts today. Keep phandroid on refresh!

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  • TErenceC

    LUCKY B#ASTARD! hahaha Still waiting for mine!

  • Android-Freak

    I am so happy for you!
    I am also very envious but most of all very happy for all of us!

    Don´t stay up too late tonight! :)

    // Android-Freak

  • rahul

    Middle age men peeing in their pants for a PHONE….sad huh?

  • http://www.quieroandroid.tk asael2

    rahul is the more envious of all … I´reall feel your happines and it´s not for less.. congrats dude!!

  • WTF is a ANDROID

    what is the whole android thing i dont get it and what is g1 and why is it intigrated with google im confused

  • rahul

    Hey asael2, im getting the black one and its supossed to be here on teh 21st so its not like im envious because im excited also but i think its really sad that a middle aged man is literally pooping himself because of a PHONE. i bet u if he broke it, or the phone broke somehow he would kill himself.

  • joe

    I just got my G1 today the phone is f***ing amazing i felt the same way he did when i opened up my box im getting use to it but so far so good gonna look up some apps up right now

  • Shazeen Jivani

    the android is an operation system made by none other than Google! the G1 runs on Google’s Android and uses Gmail and other Google apps along with a few third party apps.. It claims to be an Open-Source (anyone can mess with the working of its operation system without getting fined) OS and looks and feels awesome! its my first phone and i FREAKING LOVE IT!