Michael Dell: We’re Working On That

It’s been awhile since we initially heard rumors of a Dell-made Android Phone. Founder and CEO of the company, Michael Dell, has helped speculation resurface without revealing anything at all.

GigaOM interviewed Mr. Dell who, when asked whether they would decide to work with Android and/or Symbian stated, “We’re not ready to publicly disclose our plans there…we’re working on that.”

Silence is golden. And when speaking generally about the emergence of Android and Symbian and what that could mean for Dell in the mobile phone market, had this to say: “What you’ve got are industry-standard platforms upon which applications are being built and ecosystems are being created, and that kind of building-block architecture gives us all sorts of opportunities.”

Cheers, Mr. Dell. Although you warned that he, “wouldn’t expect anything anytime soon,” that also means we should expect something at sometime in the future. So what does soon mean? Probably not 2008. Perhaps 2009? Or will it be waiting for Symbian in 2010 and beyond?

Chances are that Dell has its R&D department working on the possibilities but we doubt they’ll go head first into jaws of Android, seeing as how all of their mobile phone ventures to date have been nothing but epic failures. We hope Android gives them the tools they need to make a kick butt device – the company surely has the potential.

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  • Ashley

    Well hopefully these Smartphones will come out soon and at an affordable price. Out here in Australia we are only just starting to really see HTC, and the prices that we pay for “Smartphones” is just horrible. So hopefully Dell’s mass-producing online business will help bring that price down here in Oz.

  • phandroid.com

    I think YOU are the typical person Google had in mind when deciding to pursue Android.

    Right now smartphones are too expensive so you don’t really feel like buying one. But, subtract the price/cost of developing and customizing smartphone software and it becomes immediately more affordable. Affordable enough so that Ashley decides to buy one.

    And, when Ashley has a smartphone instead of a less capable model, she surfs the mobile web and uses features that display mobile ads… Google Mobile Ads…. ultimately driving revenue for the Big G.

    Do you folks have a pretty good selection of carriers/manufacturers, Ashley?

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